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Cohort G4 

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Open Trials  smart drug alternative for Cohort G4 has started . We are looking for early adopter  feedback  :  Course 1  Foundations : The essential study skills you were never taught at school  : The M.O.A.T framework . Life long learning and  workplace training # moneyball  .Sign up today and you are eligible for  discounted Course 2 access . 

Course 1

Enhanced shallow processing – understanding mnemonics .  Deep processing  the importance of metacognition and validated learning .

Course 2

Neroplatsicity & NLP –   Enhancing the brains ability  to form and reorganize synaptic connections in response to learning or experience .

Our hypothesis smart drugs will beat control groups, we will beat study drugs , focus medication and smart approaches beat everything.

Thankyou for your time please  feel free to download our one page DIY cheat sheet