In Einstein’s day there was no adderall , no modafinil , no ritalin , no available conditions > no dyslexia , ADHD , autism or hyperlexia .

Our course-ware & training software  has been created to address the problem of widespread Misuse, Abuse, and Diversion of Prescription ADHD Medicines..

Set up  this year . We are a  long term intervention aimed at prescription and non prescription users of  Adderall , Modafinil,  Ritalin, Vyvanse and Concerta .The prescription smart drugs designed to boost working memory , focus and motivation.

Short term and working memory functions are not  fixed  . They can be developed at accelerated rates.  Developed to levels far superior to the norm and maintained.

Our evidence based practice is based on your results, in real time, inside the actual WAIS Adult Working Memory IQ test .

To take an introductory interactive working memory quiz or to find out a little more about us. Comment or talk with us about where we can go next and what we are doing wrong head over to our brand new working memory facebook quiz

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