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HEALTH: Developed as a  safe smart drug alternative for non prescription users of Adderall and Modifinil. Developed as a long term complement for prescription study drug users prescribed ADD medications like Ritalin and Concerta .

USERS :    Maybe for you better grades are a stepping stone to better things. Maybe you need to pass industry exams. Maybe you are an employer who wants to ensure a return on investment in training . Maybe you are the solid dependable employee , but nobody wants to invest in you . The manager who constantly gets passed over because he or she is perceived as a one trick pony .Maybe your role has changed and you are now required to pull together a presentation or undertake a project at work that requires subject mastery , maybe you are expected to be able to articulate your position on spec .Maybe you are required to speak without notes and from the heart without sounding wooden. Maybe you are older and wiser and you are looking to start over and self educate . Maybe you are a law or medical student looking to manage your time more productively . Maybe you are simply interested in giving the next generation a head start. The sort of head start that you never got . If you are willing to act as a mentor for your kids, your nephews or nieces, godchildren or your grandchildren then your plus one license is free .

EDUCATION Institutions have yet to acknowledge there are better and worse ways to teach .As long as that remains the case, a faculty member will be penalized for taking the time to change [his or her] teaching, or collect data on effectiveness.’ Carl Wieman,  Nobel laureate” As long as this situation persists. To get the very best education . You will need to take on responsibility for parsing content .


TRAINING We never set out to create a course for teachers or instructors , but neither did we set out to focus narrowly on memory alone . For those who are put off by memory experts  . We are different .Unless you are planning on becoming a world memory champion . We are here to tell you a sensible real world context will do .  While education  has proved resistant  to reason individuals and  business will embrace change  if they can link  productivity gains  to a change of approach . Our training has been designed to last a lifetime . Our training has been designed to  take a years practice and compress it into less than a fortnight . To give you a head start . Our training emphasis small steps , incremental changes with tangible benefits .