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The  giveaways . A  free downloadable cheat sheet  for the DIY enthusiast . The DIY guide sets out our  methodologies and processes in a one page bullet point format  .If you want more we provide  a link that grants you  access to our  60 minute stand alone smart course – How To Think Like Einstein – RRP $185 .  Our 1 hour introductory smart course is free . We do not require credit cards details . You can not be billed and we will not bombard you with emails . If you intend to take us up on our time limited offer . Please supply a valid email address. Otherwise we will not be able to verify you . If you are leaving us now . Thanks for your time.


FREE COURSE ELIGIBILITY Our free course is a primer for those of you looking for Better grades . To maximize chances of passing industry exams. Improve a training ROI. Manage scarce time more productively .For a limited time . We are making our 60 Minute course freely available to everybody . All you have to do 1-Sign Up 2-Log In & 3-Take A Course .


OUR DIGITAL HEALTH ENHANCED  OFFER – We don’t just share a practice with you . Brain plasticity  refers to a brain’s ability to change .Once you have learned to ride a bike or swim . You never  forgot,  but you must learn in practice .    Pure theory is for the  birds .  Our training has not only been designed to last a lifetime . Our training tools have been designed to  take a years practice and compress it  into less than a fortnight   .


but first google cat videos  [74M views] , we know our place -) ! .