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Offers & Eligibility

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From time to time we intend to use this page to publicize special offers and studies .

FREE COURSE ELIGIBILITY Our free course is a primer for those of you looking for Better grades . To maximize chances of passing industry exams. Improve a training ROI. Manage scarce time more productively .For a limited time . We are making our 60 Minute course freely available to everybody . All you have to do 1-Sign Up 2-Log In & 3-Take A Course .


A DIGITAL safe smart drug alternative for non prescription users of Adderall and Modifinil.

Developed as a long term complement for prescription study drug users prescribed ADD medications like Ritalin and Concerta .

Buy medication online and you could be taking pills containing rat poison and brick dust.

‘The problem , you have no idea where the drugs are really coming from, or if it’s real. Trading in counterfeit drugs has ballooned into a global industry, The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates  at least one in 10 medical products are substandard or falsified .’

‘Fake drugs kill 1m people every year. According to the World Health Organisation – Buy Online through one of the 50000 online pharmacies and up to 50% of drugs on sale will be fake . So do your homework ‘

Got hold of the real thing. Then ensure  you consult your doctor .

‘Smart drugs like Adderall ‘sit with heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Schedule II list of substances in the US. ‘

That list classifies the drug with a high potential for abuse, with the ability to lead to psychological and physical dependence. Effects weaken with frequent use. potential side effects include irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, headaches, psychosis, and depression.’

If you exist anywhere on the ADD spectrum ,  statistically speaking you are much more likely to have a pre-existing leaning towards depression.

You should be also be aware as the drug wears off usually around 4 to 6 hours . Intense hunger and exhaustion sets in .Once the body has used all its resources to energize the brain, focus and energy levels drop very quickly leading to sub optimal performance .

[ Content inside quotes sourced from an article published on new years eve by the Sunday Times 2017  – The Drugs Don’t Work  ]


Institutions have yet to acknowledge there are better and worse ways to teach .As long as that remains the case, a faculty member will be penalized for taking the time to change [his or her] teaching, or collect data on effectiveness.’ Carl Wieman,  Nobel laureate” . It remains a self evident fact there are two sides to the education equation . Student and Teacher . If you are interested in getting involved .

Giving the next generation a head start. The sort of head start that you never got . If you are willing to act as a mentor for your kids, your nephews or nieces, godchildren or your grandchildren then contact us with the subject line MENTOR – about qualifying for a two for one license .



Our training has been designed to last a lifetime . Our training has been designed to  take a years practice and compress it into less than a fortnight . To give you a head start . perfect should not be the enemy of better . Our training emphasis small steps , incremental changes with tangible benefits . We emphasize a discrete real world context .




If you have an IQ of 160 sell 30 points you really don’t need it .What really matters if you want to get ahead, is knowledge and experience or crystallized intelligence – Warren Buffett

Back in 2015 Just one foot of square real estate generated just over 6 Billion dollars in revenue for the handful of pharmaceutical companies that design and sell smart drugs . By 2025 that figure will rise to in excess of 13 Billion dollars .

Current estimated usage sits at around 3 million worldwide prescriptions each year.

The perception is that smart drugs, like a rising tide, floats all boats . The reality despite five decades of development , big pharma has fallen short of inflated expectations .Can tech step up where bio-hacking is lacking .

The smart money thinks that technology has a role to play .

Reading Peter Lynch’s excellent book – One Up On Wall Street , yes long term investment is still a knowledge job . trading not so much , reminds us, main street not Wall Street enjoys an overlooked investment edge  . Long before companies are listed on exchanges  they exist as start ups .

We are actively looking for people to get involved on the ground floor. If you like our idea and think you can make a difference . Feel free to contact us . We would like to hear from you .

You can get back to your cat video now , we know our place -) .