Offers & Eligibility




FREE COURSE ELIGIBILITY Our free course is a primer for those of you looking for Better grades . To maximize chances of passing industry exams. Improve a training ROI. Manage scarce time more productively. For a limited time. We are making our 60 Minute course freely available to everybody. All you have to do 1-Sign Up 2-Log In & 3-Take A Course.


OUR DIGITAL HEALTH ENHANCED  OFFER – Optional Experiential Learning. We don’t just share a practice with you. We activate Brain Plasticity. Our brain’s natural ability to adapt and change over time. We experience Experiential Learning when we learn to ride a bike or swim.

Our S.M.A.R.T LEARNING METHODOLOGY [Simple , Measurable , Achievable , Relevant and Timely] is  designed around feedback loops  .  .

  • Establish a baseline 
  • Tune the Engine  
  • Perservere or Pivot 

In 12 days we can take a year’s practice and compress it into less than a fortnight. 

Our training has been designed to last a lifetime.