Free Smart Course : How To Think Like Einstein – Applied Spatial Intelligence – A Visual Spatial Thinking Framework + A Free 60M Smart Course + The End of Course Quiz Daniel Kahneman [Nobel laureate] Expects You To Fail


The M:O:A:T Framework


Duration : 60 minutes
Course level : Introductory –

Education level : HE / University
Delivery method : Online
Quantity: 1 Course Cost : RRP $185 [TIME LIMITED OFFER $ FREE FOR 12 DAYS ACCESS ]


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Developing Visual thinking and Spatial intelligence

Drug-Free. We are to smart drugs as CBT is to antidepressant medications.

In just 60 minutes we lay out the M:O:A:T framework. A simple and ingenious solution to the universal problem of attention, focus and working memory. We introduce you to the ideas of Pestalozzi, the educational reformer who had a profound impact on Einstein and we give you a head start by sharing evergreen actionable strategies.


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    If learning and education is a 3 legged stool .

    10% of our focus is teaching and instruction .
    20% of our focus support and family
    70% of our focus is maximizing individual productivity.
    Our starting point is to create a framework around Einstein’s simple ideas on how we need to reform a listen and learn model that is failing.

    THE PROBLEM – Square pegs and round holes ! . You take a course, but unless you are super organised and apply it ASAP and keep on applying, it fades , so what is the point . This course is for the disorganized . the undisciplined and the instinctive . We don’t preach discipline .Instead we are going to show you how to move the goalposts . Better outcomes flow from design not desire.

    You will agree that design not magical thinking is the reason a 747 flies . A 747 pilot does not need a motivational pep talk to make it fly . A 747 pilot needs specific training for a 747 . Fundamental universal laws take care of everything else.

    1 The ability to remember say a telephone number for a few seconds is essentially useless. We would not waste your time on that. For sports fans the analogy is the first touch in football [soccer] – get the ball under control redistribute and move on . A poor first touch and all sorts of bad things happen .
    2 Given no distractions just how good are you at maintaining focus .
    3 If your working memory is exceptional what is holding you back ?
    4 Can you remember instructions . Have you ever walked into a room and forgot why. Have you ever read a textbook or listened to a lecture zoned out .
    5 The Digit Span is a training proxy, a way of setting up accelerated feedback loops
    6 It’s not a game, it’s a trainer
    7 It’s a practice not a subject
    8 Don’t over intellectualize .
    9 Mastering the visual spatial sketch pad takes practice .
    10 Saying is not doing .

    11 When Listening, after 3 days ,detailed recall hovers around 10% .However recall increases to over 60% when trying to recall what you see or imagine .It is this persistence of memory that is the true game changer Source John Medina Source Alan Paivio [Picture Superiority Effect – empirically test inside the Automated Digit Span] .
    12 Measuring progress : Within hours information will stop fading and your ability to switch on your focus and concentration will improve . Reading is fine at any speed but listening and public speaking depends on both aptitude and practice .
    13 Beating the digit span with us is not a trick, you are learning to learn efficiently.
    14 After 12 days a base level aptitude will be ingrained .
    15 Your Brain has plasticity .A basic aptitude, learning to ride a bike once learnt will not desert you
    16 According to the academy of medical science just a 10% improvement in memory will result in significantly better SATS , A levels , College admission and Degree performance.
    17 Given clinical, library like conditions, smart drugs are crushed . In the real world smart drugs still have a role to play .
    18 Once you have mastered recalling numbers you can learn to recall anything .
    19 No party tricks, with us you are not going to learn how to remember names and faces or decks of card.
    20 You can’t change a persona , you shoudl not change , if you are absent minded then that is who you are.
    21 You can however learn to rank inside the top 1 percent of the population when it comes to functional working memory .
    22 Upsetting a status quo result in winners and losers .
    23 You really do get what you pay for.
    24 Life is short do not waste your time reinventing the wheel
    25 Smart courses are much more than memory training.
    26 Higher order thinking skills depend on memory.We provide a grounding in how to think through the M:O:A:T framework.
    27 Will I ever use what I have learnt? If you are required to learn new skills new information, then the skills you learn will be woven into the fabric of your everyday life .Why because it so much simpler to take a bit longer and get it right, first time , every time!
    28 The Tortoise and the Hair – speed is over rated – slow down and think !
    29 Learning to turn off an inner monologue is the key to directing attention .
    30 Good speakers choose content very carefully – content needs to be concise , simple and direct
    31 The listeners attention is limited – Good lecturers understand the importance of a very simple structure.
    32 Language is for input and output – Your thinking need not be limited to just language .
    33 Our system is flawed . If only we were all medium in a size 8. Life would be so much simpler. Einstein knows that a true Meritocracy is something you have to fight for ! You may have to think outside the box . You may have to throw the rule book away because the alternative is death by a thousand examinations .
    34 Our free 60M course is text based for assessment reasons – that is how the world is !
    35 – The main barrier to new learning is emotional not intellectual – nobody like to feel stupid – say you are a 20 stone ex marine – grossly incompetent and knowing it – is still a universally humbling experience
    36 The 10000 Hour Rule – It takes 10000 Hours to become an expert but….according to research it only takes 20 hours or 45 minutes dedicated and productive practice each day for 1 month to get really good at something . Perfect is the enemy of better

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