Working Memory

Working Memory


Studies have shown that if you know a child’s working memory you will be able to predict grades years and years later . Think about that for a second once the die is cast as far as working memory is concerned  we move lockstep with our peer group .  It turns out  in a practical sense working memory is far  more important than IQ .

Working memory acts as the upper ceiling on potential . Working memory determines productivity in higher education and the early career . Working memory ceilings decline as the brain ages . But do interventions work , countless studies say they do .

Researchers at University of North Carolina found that those with a higher working memory were less likely than those with a lower working memory to let their thoughts wander from an appointed task .  The better your working memory the better your  focus  .

A study by the Academy of Medical Sciences in the context of smart drugs concluded just a 10% improvement in memory will result in a big improvement in SAT , college admission and degree performance . In fact as long as your career requires you to keep learning new skills  then working memory will continue to be of critical importance to you .




In a recent university study into prescription ADHD drug users.  Just under 40% are cross diagnosed with dyslexia .Not surprising  when you consider the overlapping  issues  with focus, attention, short term memory and sequencing  common to both conditions .  15% of the population

As Carl Wieman, a Nobel laureate observed

How can we continue to  justify the use of traditional  lectures in the  light of solid research showing that the way we do things isn’t even an effective way to get students to retain information, much less to understand concepts?